Failed to alloc memory page

On some Android devices, users can encounter the following type of error.

This error popup means something wrong happened during memory allocation. The game engine requests memory to the OS, which returns a memory address. Sometimes this memory page is not correct (misaligned, or not big enough, etc.), so the game engine repearts the request. In very rare cases, the OS fails to return a valid address so many times that it crashes under the sheer number of request : this is called a stack overflow. This error popup is there to prevent such scenario (which would be a hard crash, interrupting the app without notice) and provide some information.

When this happens, please report it to customer support with as much info as you can about your device (model, OS version, ROM name etc...) and what you were doing in-game. 

Rebooting your device may help. As the issue is related to OS context, it may also "go away" after some time (according to a few reports).