[Sparklite] - FAQ

I thought Sparklite was free. Why do I have to pay ?

Sparklite is a Free to Try game on Android, it means that you can test the game for free until you defeat the first Titan.

Passed that point you need to pay only once to unlock the full game. This money allows all the people who worked really hard on this game to not starve to death.

We guarantee no ads or other In app Purchases, once the full game is unlocked you can put your credit card away.  

My game crashes as soon as I launch it. What can I do ?

We are aware of the problem and we are trying to fix it as soon as possible.

If you encounter this issue, please follow these instructions :

  • Uninstall the game
  • Re-install the game

If the issue persists, please contact the customer support at hello@playdigious.com.  

 Can I change the size of the buttons ?

Yes, you can go into Options ---> Touch and deactivate the Small UI option. It will allow you to play with bigger buttons. 

What are the languages implemented in Sparlite ? 

Sparklite is available in the following languages : FrenchEnglishGermanSpanish and Japanese.

No more translations are planned at the moment. 

Can I play Sparklite with my controller ?

Yes, controllers support is a feature of Sparklite.
However, as there are a lot of different controllers out there and no standard, we cannot guarantee that yours specifically is supported.

If you experience any issue, please contact our support at hello@playdigious.com