Google Play Error -100

If you encounter an issue while the game is downloading additional resources, it may very well be the infamous error -100.

This error means the game encountered an error while connecting to Google's Asset Delivery servers, which may very well prevent the download from continuing or make the app unstable. This, of course, should not happen. It is a bug on Google's side (the Asset Delivery system is relatively new and still being updated by Google, and sometimes bugs are introduced). In order to work around this type of issue, here are the steps to follow :

  1. As suggested on the popup, try uninstalling the game and clearing Google Play Store cache and storage. Most of the times, it is enough.
  2. When reinstalling the game, do not launch it. The download will start in the background as soon as the app is installed. Depending on your OS version, you may see a notification regarding a background download occuring. Wait for it to completes (or give it a few minutes if you don't have a notification). Resources size may vary from game to game. Then launch the game => it should skip the download step.
  3. Make sure the Google Play Services app is up to date (through your normal Play Store update check, or eventually through remote install on the web store). This service is required and used by many features (cloud saves, achievements, asset delivery, etc.)
  4. Make sure the Play Store app is up to date (see below) so the app delivery logic is up to date and matches what's expected by Google's servers.
  5. If the issue persists try also clearing your phone cache by going to Settings > Storage > Free up Space > Temporary & raw files > Cached data > delete

How to update the Play Store app

This guide has been checked on Android 11, December 2021. Some steps may vary as Google update their store UI/UX

  1. Open Play Store app
  2. Tap your profile icon on the top-right corner
  3. Open the Parameters panel
  4. Open the "About" sub-panel
  5. Tap on the "Play Store Version" section
  6. You should see a popup telling you if your app is up to date or offering to update otherwise.